SBTRKT to perform LIVE for the first time ever in Chicago on Friday, November 4!

SBTRKT will perform LIVE, for the first time ever in Chicago on Friday, November 4 at the Bottom Lounge.  The SBTRKT story starts from the sound system of an east London club called Plastic People, which is both underground in location and in the music it specializes in. It was here that SBTRKT met a gentleman named Tic and was schooled by the sounds that came pulsing from the club’s now infamous speakers. It was through Tic he was signed to Young Turks, and also through him that he met Sampha, who is one of the key collaborators on the album and one half of the SBTRKT live show. Other key collaborators on the album are Roses Gabor, Jessie Ware, and Little Dragon. The album track “Wildfire” features the voice of Yukimi Nagano, who is the inimitable voice of Little Dragon. "I'm a big fan of their musical ethos, so to collaborate with them has been an ambition for a while. It has been really interesting seeing how our two worlds could co-exist.” Through the years, and his development as an artist and producer in his own right, SBTRKT has worked with collaborators both sonic and visual to emphasize his ideas and vision. The performance and visual style has also become an essential part of this setup. Performing in his trademark tribal mask, watching SBTRKT translate his sound live is the opposite of what one would expect from the traditional producer/DJ. "The live show is an expansion of what has been created in the studio and the tools I've used to make them. Just because a song has been created with a laptop, it doesn't mean that is the best way to perform it live, but for me, neither is bringing in a 5 piece band to re-interpret your songs. I see live shows in a very different light to producing in a studio as it's about translating into a medium for performance. The basic setup is myself on an acoustic drum kit with extra electronic triggers, and Sampha on 2 keyboards and vocals.... although it's constantly developing whilst we learn new ways to perform songs and experiment with new ways to route our live audio."

Tickets are on sale available at Silver Wrapper Ticketing now!