Escort to headline CIMMfest on May 2, 2014 at Concord Music Hall

EscortPosterSilver Wrapper and CIMMfest present Escort at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, IL on Friday, May 2, 2014. Escort, "Brooklyn's finest disco orchestra", fronted by lead singer Adeline Michèle, was initially known for its critically acclaimed 12" singles, until its self-titled album was named one of Rolling Stone's Top Albums of 2012. The New York Post and Time Out New York both described Escort as the "city's best live band", and Pitchfork describes its single "All Through the Night" as "one of the best New York disco tracks since West End Records' early 1980s heyday".

Doors @ 8:30 pm. Show @ 9:00 pm. Ages 18+.

 Tickets are available at Silver Wrapper Ticketing now.