Conspirator and BoomBox return to Chicago on November 3, 2012 to headline House of Blues

Conspirator @ House of Blues 11/3/2012Silver Wrapper announces that Conspirator will make their triumphant return to Chicago on Saturday, November 3 at House of Blues! Formed in 2004 by Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits along with New York producer DJ Omen, Conspirator has taken on many forms through the years. With the recent addition of virtuoso guitarist Chris Michetti and stalwart drummers KJ Sawka (Pendulum) and Mike Greenfield (Lotus), Conspirator has reached a new level.

BoomBox is Producer/Engineer/DJ/Drummer Russ Randolph and Producer/DJ/Vocalist/Guitarist Zion Rock Godchaux. This pair of dynamic artists uses their rich musical history and their vision of music and popular culture to deliver a style of music distinctly different from anything heard or seen in music today. This signature sound and show brings live music to a new, elevated level

Cinnamon Chasers and Abakus open the show.

Doors @ 11:00pm. Show @ 11:00pm. Ages 17+.

Tickets are on sale at Silver Wrapper Ticketing now!

Here’s what the last Chicago show looked like...