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Venue Information

Abbey Pub
3420 W Grace St - Chicago, IL
(773) 478-4408

Doors - 10:00 PM
Show - 11:00 PM
Ages - 18+

Live Sounds

The Ocean (live 7/31/05)
Moby Dick (live 7/31/05)

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Bustle In Your Hedgerow - March 2, 2007
"The Led Zeppelin Experience"
w/ Marco Benevento, Dave Dreiwitz of WEEN, Scott Metzger & Joe Russo

Almost four years ago, Joe Russo and Marco Benevento took their fledging Duo onto the East River aboard a Rocks Off Boat Cruise in New York City with Rana's Scott Metzger and made waves playing a scintillating set of Zeppelin that was nasty enough to dredge up mob-hit corpses. Since then, they've perfected the act by adding WEEN bassist Dave Dreiwitz. Two summers ago, they closed out Wicker Park Fest with a party at Subterranean that anyone in attendance will never forget. Last summer, they brought the act to Chicago for the second time ever, as a Post Lollapalooza Party, and introduced a new make-up of the group with Brendan Bayliss of Umphrey's McGee subbing for Scott Metzger. Full of special guests (read: Mike Kenneally, Sarah Zimmerman), it was nasty enough to keep your boogie on til the wee hours of the weekend (Sunday night, again!). Now, we've talked the guys into coming back for a Friday night in March, with Scott Metzger back in the lineup. If you ain't heard Metzger go medieval on the Led Zep, you got to hear this... if you have, you've already got your tickets.

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Band Information
Bustle In Your Hedgerow
Marco Benevento — keyboards
Dave Dreiwitz — bass
Scott Metzger — guitar
Joe Russo — drums


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